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Thank you for thinking about us. We are greatly appreciative. Every dime can bring about great change to this world.

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White Lotus Philanthropy Ltd. is a proud supporter of Buddhist activities all over the world including the Great Wisdom Buddhist Institute in Canada.

Donors may recommend that White Lotus Philanthropy Ltd. consider using donated funds for specific purposes, including the building of Great Wisdom Buddhist Institute’s monastery in Canada, the living expenses of the monastics at the monastery, and the building of the Great Master Tsong-Kha-Pa statue.

Note: Please be advised that White Lotus Philanthropy Ltd. maintains dominion and control over all contributions it receives, consistent with U.S. federal tax law and Internal Revenue Service rules and regulations. To that end, White Lotus Philanthropy Ltd. will not accept contributions that are earmarked for specific foreign organizations, including Great Wisdom Buddhist Institute. White Lotus Philanthropy Ltd. retains the right to accept or reject the request of any donor to apply funds for a specific grantee or activity and to apply such funds for another purpose or to another organization in its sole discretion.