GWBI Construction

White Lotus Philanthropy Ltd. (“White Lotus”) is proud to announce that it has completed its 2018 “GWBI Construction” grant of USD500,000, signed with Great Wisdom Buddhist Institute (“GWBI”), a monastery for Buddhist nuns based in Prince Edward Island, Canada. The funds have gone towards construction of GWBI’s new Buddhist monastery.

The following is a timeline of events for GWBI’s construction of its Buddhist monastery in Brudenell, Prince Edward Island, Canada.

2018-06-07 Public meeting held as part of the environmental assessment. Positive reviews were received.

2018-07-06 Receipt of South Lotus Hall construction permit

2018-08-12 Groundbreaking ceremony for South Lotus Hall

2018-08-15 Construction of South Lotus Hall begins


2019-11-18 Construction of Energy Center and Welcome House of North Lotus Campus begins

2019-12-01 Completion of South Lotus Hall

2020-04-01 Completion of Welcome House of North Lotus Campus

2021-09-21 Construction of North Lotus Campus begins